Foto Igor Bitkova
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BA degree in Forest Engineering
(University of Arkhangelsk, Russia)

Masters degree in Business Administration
(Open Business School, United Kingdom)

Igor had pioneered in the introduction of the high-tech equipment to the forest, pulp and paper industry of Russian Federation.
In 1993 he had started a company called “Les-Market” in the province of Novodvinsk of Arkhangelsk region, together with his wife Irina Bitkova, at the time of the fall of Soviet Union. Les-Market was dedicating to the trade of various products of the forest industry.
In 1996 Bitkov family had acquired a bankrupt pulp and paper fabric “KFOB” which is located in the Leningrad’s region. They have reconstructed and modernised the fabric, thereby entering into pulp and paper industry as manufacturers.
In 1997 the family had moved to St. Petersburg, where they have established a new company called SZLK or North-West Timber Company.
In 1999 another bankrupt fabric was bought, it’s called NCBK and is located in the Kaliningrad’s region. Within the first few years after acquiring the fabric it was also successfully reconstructed, modernised, and turned into a profitable business.
On all the fabrics, Igor Bitkov had introduced the latest international high-tech and environmentally friendly equipment that was one of a kind in Russian Federation. The products were sold successfully on both national and international markets. The family had created more than 3’500 work places, significantly increasing the standards of living in the regions where their fabrics were located. They had developed an outstanding social responsibility programme covering a wide spectre of areas, from improving education, to reconstructing churches. The programme of the company included high social benefits, retirement plans, private medical clinics and much more.
In 2007 Igor Bitkov was named Director of the Year in Pulp and Paper Industry.
The business was raided in 2008, upon which the family had moved out of Russia.
After arriving to Guatemala, Igor, together with his wife a daughter has started a new business in the cinematography industry – producing a reality show to promote the tourism industry of Guatemala. The project was carried out together with INGUAT. 
Foto Irina Bitkova
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BA in Finance and Accounting

Masters Degree in Business Administration
(Open Business School, United Kingdom)

Industrial Lobbying

Environmental Lobbying

International Lobby

In 1993 Irina and Igor Bitkov have started a company called “Les-Market” specialising at the trade of forest industry.
In 1996 they have acquired “KFOB” – a pulp and paper fabric which was at that time in bankruptcy, located in Leningrad’s region. By reconstructing and modernising the fabric they have entered into the manufacturing industry of pulp and paper business.
In 1997 they have moved to St.Petersburg, where they have opened the company called SZLK or “North-West Timber Company”
In 1999 they have bought “NCBK” – another bankrupt fabric specialising in the production of pulp and paper products. Within the next few years this fabric was also raised from bankruptcy and became one of the leading manufacturers of paper products in Russian Federation.
Irina was the Chairwoman of the Director’s Board of North-West Timber Company (SZLK) and founding partner of Igor Bitkov until 2008.
Irina was specialising on human resources, public relations, and lobbying of the company. Consequently the company has won many national and international awards and certifications. She was especially concerned with the environmental factor. She was working with many countries amongst which are: Belarus, Germany,mFinland, Canada and Lithuania.
In Guatemala Irina and her family have started a project in the cinematography industry, promoting the image of Guatemala in the area of tourism. The project was supported by INGUATE and around 26 Guatemalans were hired to carry it on.
foto anastasia bitkova
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Degree in Marketing and Public Relations
(London School of International Business Studies, United Kingdom) 

Diploma in Law and Politics
(Bellerby’s College, London, United Kingdom)

Diploma in Screen Acting
(London Academy of Acting, UK)

Gold Medal for the highest achievements
(Gimnasia 406, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Anastasia Bitkova has build a successful career in modelling and marketing. She has modelled for various luxury brands including fashion, jewellery and cosmetics companies, as well as modelling for paintings shown in museum exhibitions.
She has graduated from Russian school with Gold Medal, at the age of 15, two years ahead of the normal programme. Later she had developed a programme on “how to overcome social complexes in adolescence” and consequently  has won International Award in Psychology.
At the age of 16 Anastasia has moved permanently to United Kingdom and continued her studies at various universities, advancing her modelling career at the same time.
In Guatemala Anastasia has started a reality show project with her family. The project is called “Anastasia’s New World” and it’s purpose is to show various cultures within Guatemala through Anastasia’s travels.
Apart from cinematography, modelling and marketing, Anastasia  also dedicates herself to writing and currently is writing two books. She is better known for her artistic name: Anastasia Aven.

vladimir bitkovaVLADIMIR BITKOV

Vladimir is the youngest member of the family, he is three years old and was born in Guatemala.
He is very active and likes to learn new things. He already speaks three languages: Spanish, Russian and English. He loves to running, playing with toy cars and trains.