Friday, February 23, 2024
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Familia Bitkov Denuncia persecución Política y fallas en el debido proceso Judicial
Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw

Why has this case gotten so much attention on international level?

Richard Shaw, open the case and reveals what is not said the case “Bitkovs” …


Bill Browder to The President of GuatemalaThe treatment of this family suffered and are suffering, raises serious doubts about Guatemala and compliance with its human rights commitments, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also raises questions about how Guatemala is being manipulated by corrupt Russian officials

Republican U.S. Senator – Roger Wicker

The U.S. Congress has held numerous hearings and passed legislation that takes President Putin`s regime to task on its violations of basic human rights in Russia. As such, we urge the Government of Guatemala to resolve the Bitkov Family’s legal case as soon as possible and consider granting their request for political asylum in your country”



Letter from Roger F. Wicker to Alejandro Baltazar Maldonado Aguirre President of the Republic of Guatemala