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How Russia uses a three year old child as a political spoil

Russian Government pressures the Guatemalan Government, through Vladimir, Guatemalan child, to drive his parents out to Russia.

Vladimir was born in Guatemala City on January 4, 2012, his parents are Irina and Igor Bitkov, Russian citizens that due to political pressure had to leave their home country and are now residing in Guatemala, along with their eldest daughter, 24 years old, Anastasia Bitkova.

On January 15, 2015, Igor, Irina and Anastasia were arrested and face criminal proceedings with charges of using forged documents after they were swindled by a law firm who assured would hand them legal Guatemalan citizenships, identification and travel documents.

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After their arrest the Guatemalan government was responsible for Vladimir’s shelter, and on his parent’s request, on January 16, 2015, he was given to Mr. Jose Rolando Alvarado Lemus as extended family, together with Mrs. Ingrith Veronica Gonzalez Cano de Cano, who was Vladimir’s nanny since he was born.

Despite this, on January 20th, 2015 there were statements published in Russian media by senior Russian officials:


RIA Novosti indicates that the Russian Consulate in Guatemala received the request of the Russian President’s Representative for Children, Pavel Astahov, to ensure the fate of the 3 year old son of the Russians arrested in Guatemala.

In the same article he quotes the Russian consul in Guatemala, Nikolai Babich who declares: “The Consulate is investigating whether the child is a Russian citizen and who their legal representatives are”.

Also he quoted Leonid Zboyko, an official of the Russian Consulate in Guatemala who declared: “We want to clarify who the maid is” Also RIA Novosti indicates that Zboyko says that the child was born in Guatemala in 2012 and has passport as a Guatemalan, but since the parent’s documents are not legal, the legitimacy of his passport is questionable as to its last name. Zboyko also indicates that among the Bitkov’s family passports, Vladimir’s Russian passport has not been found.

Also the website of the Russian Federation published the same day in an article entitled “Representative of the President for Children took control over the fate of the Russian child in Guatemala” Pavel Astahov, through its spokesman said: “At this time he is with a complete stranger”


  • How can Putin’s representative surpass Guatemalan law and take over a Guatemalan child’s destiny knowing that the child is not Russian?
  • According to the Russian newspaper’s publication, Babich received an order from Putin’s representative to take over Vladimir’s destiny.
  • How could Babich have so much information about the case with just three days of detention?
  • For whom is the legal guardian unknown? To Vladimir and his family she is a totally trustworthy person.
  • Why discriminate on being a maid? Why not speak of the extended family?
  • It draws attention how the Russian Consulate managed to have access to the file of the Public Ministry if it was not part of the process, nor was it on their record that their assistance had been requested by the Bitkovs? The Bitkovs did not receive a visit of the Russian Consul in the holding cells.


The Russian newspaper Vesti.Ru published that Pavel Astahov, President Putin’s Representative for Children, wrote in his twitter account that he is going to look for the child’s family in Russia, whose parents are detained in Guatemala and in the meantime the child is with the maid.

He also quotes Astahov’s statement on daily TASS: “The most dangerous thing is that the child will be left abandoned in an unknown country because their parents are under arrest. In this situation, he will be handed over to a state institution and after that they will give him up for adoption to a family”.

Also Astahov stresses that the most important thing now is to not allow the above to happen and find their relatives or guardians. He also said: he himself is, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consulate and the Embassy / sic / Russian in Guatemala, negotiating with the State of Guatemala the fate of the Russian boy.

Similarly you can read the following article on Bloknot entitled “Astahov is trying to return to his homeland the child of the Russians arrested in Guatemala”.


  • In this article, we can infer that the kidnapping of Vladimir, a Guatemalan citizen, was planned by Russia, with the cooperation of the State of Guatemala.
  • It is also noteworthy that the State of Guatemala has been attributed the right, under section the power to negotiate the fate of a Guatemalan child who was under the custody of his parents and have entrusted his shelter to an extended family only. This invites to conclude that the State of Guatemala could be selling a Guatemalan child to another country, without any right to do so for evil purposes.
  • Later you will appreciate the outcome of the negotiations.


The electronic journal Sputnik World / Latin America indicates that the Russian Embassy reported that the three year old Russian child remains under the care of the woman who helped his parents with household chores.

Likewise, the Russian consul in Guatemala said in a telephone conversation, quoted by the same newspaper: “Now the maid takes care of him, if necessary the embassy will also be involved”. For his part, Russia’s Ombudsman Pavel Astahov reported that Russia is concerned with the fate of the child. The Russian side is in contact with the Embassy and doing everything possible, but such requests often take a long time in Latin America.

Similarly you can also read the following links



  • Vladimir is not Russian, even Nikolay Babich, Russian Consul in Guatemala, told Ria Novosti that no one knows if the child is Russian or not. And Leonid Zboyko, consulate official, said Vladimir’s Russian passport was not found.

Interestingly, in this article, which is targeted to Latin America, Astahov’s true position as Putin’s representative was not set. Perhaps it is to avoid the link on his statements with Russian politics.

  • It is interesting to note that all publications make reference to the nanny only, but no mention of the extended family, as designated by court order.
  • It is also striking that they have not approached her to ask about the child’s welfare.
  • All statements denote a high interest on the documents to question the child’s nationality, investigate the babysitter and take the child away.

On January 21, 2015 the following publications were issued:


On the website of the Russian Federation Mr. Pavel Astahov indicates, through its official spokesman that: he asked to reiterate his request to the Russian Consulate in Guatemala in the sense that you need to take all possible measures to prevent the child to be given to a Guatemalan family and thus help deliver the child to the Russian family (Bitkov) relatives. Also the Russian Consulate in Guatemala is now working to obtain Russian citizenship for the child. Likewise, the spokesman indicated that: because the parent’s documents are not legal, the passport’s legitimacy is questionable as to his last name.

About this Pavel Astahov says: “The child has a Guatemalan passport for 5 years and his Russian citizenship is needed to be established”


  • Striking similarity on Zboyko statements, Secretary of the Russian Consulate in Guatemala (UNO) and Pavel Astahov Putin’s Representative for children, on the official Russian Federation website, in the sense of the illegitimacy of the child’s identification and the need for the Russian passport of the child.
  • If the parents have not wanted to give the child a Russian citizenship, what right has the state to impose it?
  • Later you will see how this is part of a plan that the State of Guatemala’s officials may be involved.

On January 26, 2015 Also there were publications relating to the fate of Vladimir also.


On the daily an article entitled “VTB Searches” was published where it said that Bitkov’s 3 years old son stayed with the maid and a family lawyer and the Russian Consulate in Guatemala will intervene in his fate.


  • What is VTB’s interest regarding Vladimir?
  • Why the Russian consulate in Guatemala must intervene in his fate?

On January 30, 2015:

On RIA Novosti’s publication on this day you can find the article entitled “The Russians arrested in Guatemala do not want to give Russian citizenship to his son”, were they quote Pavel Astahov saying that Russia is looking for Vladimir’s relatives, who could be the child’s guardians. And Zboyko who says: “The Russian Consulate in Guatemala told the Bitkovs that the child has the right to obtain a Russian citizenship, but his parents do not want it, just like are unwilling to return to Russia” Likewise Zboyko says: “Now the child is taken care by the lawyer, lives with his nanny and has no other needs. He has regular visits with his father who is in custody and her mother at the hospital”.


  • According to this publication, Russian state officials noted that Vladimir is fine where he is and the parent’s decision of not wanting the child to have a Russian citizenship.
  • However point out that they are looking for his relatives in Russia to take care of him, this, even though his parents appointed an extended family to take care of Vladimir.

His mother already told the Russian consulate in Guatemala they do not want their child to have a Russian citizenship.