Friday, February 23, 2024
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Investigación Periodística - Familia Bitkov - con Haroldo Sanchez
Haroldo Sanchez
Haroldo Sánchez – Director of Guatevision News

“In the last decade many Russian Citizens have had go into exile due to their opposition to gobernment policies”

An investigative journalism programmed conducted by the leading Guatemalan channel on the situation of the Bitkov’s family.

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John Lough - Chatham House
John Lough – Expert on Russian Geopolitics

“They didn’t pay for political protection, They weren’t in business with government officials, so they were in a special category. The Russian system does not tolerate this independently minded people, so that was the root of this problem in Russia”


Russian Journalist - Gregory Pasko
Russian Journalist – Gregory Pasko

“The Irina Bitkova and Igor Bitkov case in its time was very widely presented on newspapers in Rusia mainly in a negative way”